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Faculty LibGuide: Course Reserves

This guide is to show what library resources and services are available to faculty.


The library does not order textbooks. If you bring us a copy of your course textbook it will be made available for students. We will make the copy available to students for the time specified by you, the instructor. Most Course Reserves are limited to in-house use only. Videos are usually over-night check out.

Setting Up Course Reserves

Library materials to be used by students for course work may be placed on reserve for a limited period of time.  Library materials, textbooks provided by the instructor, and personal copies of books and DVDs are examples of items that can be placed on reserve.  When all students must use a particular book or view a particular DVD, it is very important to put the item on reserve so all students may have access.  Call the Library at 830-591-7367 or email at to make arrangements.All items placed on reserve must have a form associated with it. Use either the ONLINE form or print one out and bring it to the Library.


ONLINE Course Reserve Form

Will C. Miller Memorial Library | Southwest Texas Junior College | 2401 Garner Field Road | Uvalde, TX 78801 | 830-591-7367 |