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Faculty LibGuide: CREDO Information Literacy

This guide is to show what library resources and services are available to faculty.

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CREDO Lessons

Why Information Literacy Matters

The Research Process

Choosing a Topic

How Information is Produced

Types of Sources

How to Read Scholarly Materials

Search Strategies

Search Techniques

Evaluating Information

Extending Evaluation

Synthesizing Information

Why Citations Matter

APA Citations

MLA Citations

Other Citation Styles

Citation Tools

The Research Paper


Academic Integrity

Social Issues

Managing Information Systems

Managing Classwork and Research Data

Ethical Management of Information

Managing Personal Information

Preserving Information

Study Skills

CREDO Information Literacy

CREDO Information Literacy Courseware is a part of the QEP. This program is meant to develop and measure critical thinking skills. There are 25 lessons. Each lesson has chapters, a lesson quiz, and a lesson assessment.

The chapters discuss the materials and may include videos and/or "checkpoints". Checkpoints are reflective questions to help the student digest the information that was just presented.

The lesson quiz consists of multiple choice questions that are computer graded.

Lesson assessments are activities or short answer questions. These can be assessed in three ways. They can be reflected, the students are given a rubric to see how they performed. They can be anonymous peer review or they can be instructor graded. As an instructor, you decide how you want this assessed. You can also choose to opt out of these and they will be removed from the course so your students aren't confused.

You can custom which lessons you want your students to complete. Only the lessons you choose will be visible to the student.

The courseware provides a pre- and post-test so you can see student growth throughout their use of the program. These tests will only include information that is relevant to the lessons you have selected for the course.

How To Setup a CREDO Course

If you want would like to use CREDO Information Literacy in your course, please complete the request form found at the top left of this page. 

If you have more than one course and want them all to have the same lessons, add all the course numbers to the request form. 

If you have more than one course and want them to have different lessons, complete a new form for each course.

Once you have completed the form, sent it to Clarissa Diaz, Once your course has been created, you will receive an email from CREDO that contains a link for you to use to register yourself in the courseware. After YOU have registered yourself using the link, email April so she can have you changed from student to instructor.


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