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Definition & Outcomes Matrix

Instructional Activities

LEAP Teamwork Rubric & Info  




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For more information about instruction and assessment in the new Core Curriculum, look for other resource guides created by the Southwest Texas Junior College Assessment Committee.

On Target Resource Guide


Teamwork  includes the ability to consider different points of view and to work effectively with others to support a shared purpose or goal. [THECB]

As defined by the AAC&U: Teamwork is behaviors under the control of individual team members [effort they put into team task, their manner of interacting with others om the team, and the quantitiy and quality of contributions they make to team discussions.


Welcome to the on target Resource Guide for Teamwork. You can use the tabs across the top of the page or the links on the left to navigate through the different sections of this guide. As the faculty at SWTJC we have the shared responsibility to help students master the core curriculum outcomes outlined by the THECB. This Lib Guide has been developed by the SWTJC Assessment Committee to help you locate information and ideas for incorporating and assessing core outcomes into the courses you teach.  It is meant to be a collaborative effort and we encourage you to submit descriptions of learning activities and/or assessment methods you have used in your classes that support one or more of the core outcomes. We also invite you to submit links to any additional resources that are not mentioned in this Guide. To submit information please contact our Library at 591-7254 or email


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