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STEM: STEM Boot Camp

Research guide for STEM.


Southwest Texas Junior College hosted a two-week long STEM Boot Camp for incoming STEM students. The purpose of the camp was to introduce them to STEM faculty and students, prepare them for the rigors of the STEM programs, and to help increase their math placement levels. Nine students participated in the camp which ran from August 7th to August 18th on the Uvalde campus.

Of last year’s camp participants, all nine participants enrolled at Southwest Texas Junior College during the 2016-17 academic year. All former participants are continuing their studies in STEM: six students are pursuing a degree in engineering, two in computer science, and one in forensic science.

Applications for the 2018 STEM Boot Camp will be made available on January 2018.


The STEM Boot Camp is a free math intense program designed for first-year students who will pursue a STEM Career Pathway. The purpose of the STEM Boot Camp is to help entering STEM students succeed and prepare for the rigors of our STEM Career Pathways.

Students will have the opportunity to test into a higher math class at the end of the camp and to talk with an academic advisor to revise their Fall schedule. 

Why Apply?

An increase in the math placement level saves students time and money. Participating students have the opportunity to be calculus ready within the two-week summer program.

Students will also have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to apply towards their following Fall semester at Southwest Texas Jr. College.

Living and Learning STEM Community

Students will interact with faculty and student mentors in and out of the classroom, learn how to study and learn, and do group and extracurricular activities.

Participating students will also reside in Southwest Texas Jr. College’s Garner Hall residential dormitory, where they will have the opportunity to receive guidance from the in-house STEM mentors.

Digital Media from Past Camps

STEM Boot Camp 2017

Engineering Camp 2016

Will C. Miller Memorial Library | Southwest Texas Junior College | 2401 Garner Field Road | Uvalde, TX 78801 | 830-591-7367 |